Bird Burning LP (Signed)


1. Crow
2. Swan
3. Peacock
4. Pelican
5. Bird Burning
6. Crow (Rabit Mix)
7. Swan (Rabit Mix)
8. Peacock (Rabit Mix)
9. Pelican (Rabit Mix)
10. Bird Burning (Rabit Mix)

Anglo-Norwegian multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Sasha Siem has announced her new album, ‘Bird Burning’ which will be released on Blue Plum Records on June 17, 2016.

The five track album of subtle and evocatively experimental pop will be released on CD and digital download and also on vinyl – the A side featuring the five original album tracks and the B side featuring a remix suite of the entire record courtesy of Texas based electronic artist Rabit.

‘Bird Burnin...

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